2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

We ascertain value and are full of prices.

Reuse department store where connoisseur is.

So that, in all world, professional exists,
Professional is in the world of reuse recycling, resale.
That is so-called "having a practised eye".
In KOMEHYO, they keep a close watch with all genres.

Play iwa; eyes, gentle value.

Of course than all the members, specialist in maker than public enthusiast more than anyone else in anywhere,
Professional of professionals whom you are not fit for if it does not have a lot on the genre.
We ascertain thing which all of you brought in one by one carefully and buy as high as possible,
We give maintenance and it is more reasonable than anywhere else and displays to store, if necessary.
KOMEHYO which goes almost common sense of the industry saying "buy cheaply, and sell highly"; is the complete opposite at all.
We drain thing from the right into the left, and we do not just pursue profit.

We satisfy heart of Homo sapiens whom selling Homo sapiens buys.

"Things gather if we buy highly, and Homo sapiens gathers in KOMEHYO if we sell cheaply"
We keep mind of founding called this,
"Thing is had tradition (relay) of from Homo sapiens to Homo sapiens,
If it is made utilization (use) effectively, we accomplish the mission"
We valued corporate philosophy called this above all.
Thanks to you, the number of articles to have you purchase the number of articles to have you bring in is soaring since its formation.
And it is joy above all that all customers are back with smile.
Please will value thought of both selling people, people buying from now on,
We perform business that you can be satisfied with from heart.
Continuously in favor.