2021.1.08 About change of business hours (January 13 update)

KOMEHYO purchase center Kintetsuyokkaichi

Store information

〒510-0075 1-1-20, Yasujima, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie Kintetsu Department Store contact the second floor of the mall ※We close the second floor for from 14 to 27 on October and open a store in exhibition space on the fifth floor.

Phone number
Business hours
Wednesday fixed closing day (holiday business)
※We may change by convenience.
The handling item, service
  • Jewelry
  • Clock
  • Bag
  • Fashion
  • Kimono
  • Camera
  • Musical instrument
  • Others
  • Jewelry
  • Clock
  • Bag
  • Fashion
  • Kimono
  • Camera
  • Musical instrument
  • Others

To store
Back order

It is ordered to store
About service

"We want to see the real thing!" in KOMEHYO "We want to try on!" To answer voice of customer to "want to compare!"
With other store stock, "back order" of products is made to store of neighborhood!
Please use.

Floor guide

1F Reception desk, purchase (jewelry, clock, brand bag)

Jewelry : Cartier/Bvlgari/TIFFANY/vankurifu & aperu/BOUCHERON/AHKAH/agete/no-brand jewelry/noble metal products



  • Jewelry
  • Clock
  • Bag


Person who comes in public transport

It is a 2-minute walk from the Kintetsu-Yokkaichi Station north exit
Store of signboard that contact mall 2F is blue is our store.

Person who comes by car

You turn at Sakae-machi, Suwa intersection from Route 1, and please go to the Kintetsu-Yokkaichi Station area.

You pass through high shelf of Kintetsu Line, and please turn right at the immediate signal.
Kintetsu parking structure is seen in the right.

You issue stationed-in-bike-race ticket by all means, and please come to the store.
It is immediate on foot from Kintetsu parking to contact mall.

Notice of parking lot

In the case of purchase, please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket to the staff.
We seal with stamp.

  1. 1 Kintetsu parking
    1-31-1, Yasujima, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie
Purchase amount of money Amount of money that had you sell Free time
- Only as for the assessment One hour
10,000 yen or more One hour
- 30,000 yen or more Two hours

Imitation shutting out program of KOMEHYO

We nominate the entire company and perform various approaches to see through imitation technology adding to delicacy more and more.

To imitation shutting out program page of KOMEHYO


We confirm about buying and selling such as jewelry more than 2 million yen in cash at business such as the person identification matters.
Please confirm "about crime profit move prevention law".

About crime profit move prevention law