We take a trade-in on KOMEHYO and give a service

It is advantageous in former favorite
To the latest favorite

The fashion changes own preference too, too. Therefore closet should surely have thing which we do not wear which we do not use now.

Manure of so-called chest. Value is 0 yen if the same, but anything will improve the amount of purchase if you can have when you do shopping in KOMEHYO. (※ 1)

That is part-exchange service of KOMEHYO. We are advantageous, and let's trade in former favorite for the latest favorite to buy a new smartphone and car.

(targeted for the amount of purchases ※ 5,000 yen or more)


  • At the time of sale, it is up to 5,000 yen OFF

    Combination with "purchase guarantee service" is possible, too. If it is product which we purchased in KOMEHYO, it is more advantageous and can do shopping.
    According to purchase price, it becomes up to 5,000 yen OFF at the time of sale

  • With article which we did not use
    To the nearest store

    Bring article not to use now sleeping in home to the nearest store. As purchase item varies according to stores, please be careful.

  • It is 30,000 yen in total or more in sales floor
    Please choose favorite

    Part-exchange purchase object article is limited to jewelry, clock, BAG, accessory, clothing. Store varying in the purchase floor, please order to the staff.

  • Purchase in online store
    We sell in delivery to home purchases

    "Part-exchange coupon" reaches customer who purchased 30,000 yen or more in online store with products. We put "part-exchange coupon" and article, required document which want to be sold in the box which arrived and send to "delivery to home purchase". For more details, please see this.