KOMEHYO purchase guarantee service

Shopping is stylish in W

In the first place it is advantageous,
When we sell, it is cashback
More advantageous

Article of KOMEHYO is reasonable all, do you know that you further pay cashback when you have, in fact, you sell?

In other words, if can purchase assuming selling before long, being more advantageous. It is attractive one of KOMEHYO that o which buys, and is sold repeats itself, and can enjoy various Item.


  • Up to 30,000 yen improves

    If it is term of a guarantee within three years even if purchase product was 0 yen by any chance, by deterioration of products, we can receive for purchase guarantee amount of money by all means.

  • Three years guarantee of relief

    We limit to articles product price 30,000 yen that had you purchase at KOMEHYO store within the past from day to have you sell three years or more.

  • With other campaigns
    We can use together

    Combination with part-exchange and coupon is possible, too! It is more advantageous and can make selling.
    It is advantageous most to have selling buying of product of KOMEHYO in KOMEHYO and can do shopping


  • We purchase product you like

    Target article is limited to jewelry, clock, brand bag, brand accessory. (but article of Kihei excludes)

  • At the time of the purchase, we receive the purchase certificate and keep carefully

    The purchase certificate is document which is necessary in the case of guarantee and repair of article. Take carefully.

  • We assess in purchase center of KOMEHYO

    Target store is all KOMEHYO purchase center stores and delivery to home purchase. (LINK SMILE, USED MARKET exclude)
    As for the products, purchase price fluctuates by Change of the fashion and marketable goods. Price tends to be hard to fall so that span to have you sell from date of purchase is short.

  • We pay cashback on the spot if we show the purchase certificate at the time of assessment!

    Take "purchase certificate" to hand at the time of purchase together by all means.
    After having heard assessment amount of money, give "purchase certificate" last! Addition is possible with the full presentation amount of money. (※)
    ※When you do not finish payment of the product price by credit card and shopping credit, we cannot buy.

About cashback amount of money

At price at the time of the article purchase, the amount of cashback is replaced as follows.

  • To purchase product price purchase price...
  • In the case of less than 30,000-50,000 yen, we add 2,000 yen
  • In the case of less than 50,000-200,000 yen, we add 5,000 yen
  • In the case of less than 200,000-500,000 yen, we add 10,000 yen
  • In the case of less than 50-1 million yen, we add 20,000 yen
  • When it is 1 million yen or more, we add 30,000 yen