2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)

With stern eyes, we give article new value.
That is KOMEHYO quality.

To raise quality of article. To see smile that customer is pleased with.
Before, sharp having a practised eye, specialist of each field equals showcase of shop,
We check all. We put value appropriate for price.
It is this product center that takes the center.
We manage article arriving from all over Japan collectively and control even quality of article,
It is right characteristic only for KOMEHYO.

Imitation shutting out program

We do not stock imitation. We never let store form a line.
This product center where articles gather from stores of the whole country carries the center of imitation measures almost basics of KOMEHYO quality.

The details are this

Article rank disclosure system

Reliable connoisseur polishes to polish article which had you hand over with reliable ability.
That is KOMEHYO quality, too, but, on the other hand, tells about state of article honestly genuinely so that customer is easy to do shopping. This is another important KOMEHYO quality, too.
We rank well one by one even if we hang labor and time and disclose simply because it is us who value thought that customer wants to be sincerely satisfied with.

  1. STEP1

    In purchase center buyer
    We decide purchase rank

    At first, in the same state that customer brought in, we rank at store. We check emphasis point based on information (instructions of points where condition is easy to deteriorate e.g.) of purchase system database carefully and decide rank.

    Check point

    • Condition of appearance
    • Age type of article (we add invisible aged deterioration)
    • Having wound, dirt or not
  2. STEP2

    In product center
    Reconfirmation of rank

    In central "product center" of KOMEHYO where products gather from the whole country, further senior buyer is resident. We inspect article which buys at store, and was ranked with expert connoisseur power more carefully, and there is not defect overlooking or confirms again whether it has rank appropriately.

  3. STEP3

    Of product center
    With maintenance power
    Rank up

    We submit to supplier of business partner, and product which we bought gives the most suitable maintenance to sales system. And product which was reborn to be totally new is new in the state once again; rank.

  4. STEP4

    Of senior buyer
    By having a practised eye,
    We are finally divided in two by 4 ranks

    Stern eyes of senior buyer determine the last rank when we sell maintained product based on the following standard.

    S rank
    Unused article Product age type without trace of use is new, too, and secular variation is in a few state, too
    A rank
    Product which is in a beautiful state with a little usability. Product which has good condition that there is a little thing ... trace that we used without like-new usability
    B rank
    Good product which usability is included, but is used carefully. Product of state of degree that we attack if we use every day if natural
    C rank
    Usability grasp, and there are dirt and damage generally

Maintenance power

Support purchase power and satisfaction of customer having buy to be able to buy more highly than others, is right base of KOMEHYO quality. It is this product center that undertakes maintenance almost core of such KOMEHYO for lump.
Article & cleaning that each skilled professional staff who was familiar with each jewelry, clock, bag apparel gathers from the whole country checkered in one carefulness each.
We ask partner specialty partner for maintenance as needed and raise to totally new similar quality when it hits the shelves.

The details are this