2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

Komehyo Co., Ltd. assumes, "they offer satisfaction and impression to customer as nucleus by relay use" business domain. According to fate such as the antique business methods, we may acquire personal information of customer on performing relay use. It deals with personal information of customer who acquired precisely and faithfully, and we accomplish high company activity of transparency.

  1. In consideration of our business outline to serve as way station of relay use, we acquire personal information of customer, employee appropriately and entrust with the use, offer.
  2. Across range necessary for the achievement of the identified use purpose, it does not deal with personal information. In addition, we take measures of that purpose.
  3. We wear unauthorized access to personal information, leak, loss of personal information again and, for risk of loss, take prevention measures and correction measures.
  4. For complaint about personal information, we cope appropriately.
  5. We observe laws and ordinances about the handling of personal information, guideline that country sets and other models.
  6. We review personal information protection management system continuously to use personal information appropriately, and to carry out the protection thoroughly again and are improved.

Enforcement date February 21, 2005
Revision day June 26, 2013

Komehyo Co., Ltd.
President Takuji Ishihara

Reference about the handling of personal information

The personal information protection window/general affairs department
Phone number 052-242-0088 (10:30-19:30, regular holiday: on the first, the third Wednesday)
E-mail: [email protected]


1. Definition of personal information
"Personal information" means information (including thing which can collate with other information easily, and can thereby distinguish the individual concerned) that can distinguish full name, address, phone number, customer individual including e-mail address collecting from customer by through this site or telephone, email.

2. About access log count
We add up access log to determine what kind of service is favored by customer in our Web site to run. Domain name and IP address of accessed, type of used browser, the access date and time are included in access log, but they use access log as just statistical data and may not tie with personal information of customer.

3. About the handling purpose of personal information to acquire indirectly
Based on personal information that we acquired from business supplier, we may ship products.
Answer to inquiry for service that we run,
For the purpose of confirmation at the time of store or delivery to home purchase, we may use personal information that we acquired.