2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

With KOMEHYO point

The KOMEHYO points are purchases, but are convenient point service that can conjugate when you can sell article.
In the case of purchase, purchase, either, you can use point.

The points collect even if we buy article even if we sell!

I send advantageous "news" including coupon and sale information to customer that receiving of DM, e-mail magazine is hoped for.

Application from the Internet,
Please enroll in "KOMEHYO ONLINE member".

KOMEHYO ONLINE newcomer member registration

Member terms (member's card member terms) ※PDF

Point that we saved can use either of KOMEHYO ONLINE, store for one point of = 1 yen.
You can confirm confirmation of point by KOMEHYO ONLINE or KOMEHYO application from PC, smartphone either.

[important] On expiration date of point, it is one year from the last purchase day or the last purchase contract day.

※ We are doing point reduction only at the time of each KOMEHYO store or mail order use.

We can add up KOMEHYO point

Point after shift can use either of KOMEHYO ONLINE, store.
Customer who is already subscribed in KOMEHYO ONLINE, and has done shopping comes to be able to use point without procedure at store.

Adding up method of point

Customer> of <online store non-registration

I would like new sign-in of online store than this.
At the time of information input, please input 12 digits of numbers listed in "reward card NO" on the back of the member's card you have.
Information of member's card is unified at the time of registration completion.

Customer> of <online store sign-in finished, non-unification

After logging in to my page, please advance to "customer information correction" of "member information management".
Point of member's card comes to be able to use in online store when we have you have you are listed in frame of "reward card NO" on the back of the member's card you have and input 12 digits of numbers and register.