2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

Imitation is not sold in absolute to never buy.
Imitation shutting out program of KOMEHYO

For us who lived by having a practised eye, fight with imitation risked PRIDE and reputation, is never right defeated. We nominate the entire company and perform various approaches to see through imitation technology adding to delicacy more and more. All of you feel relieved, and please enjoy shopping.

Five folds of checks of KOMEHYO to find out any precise imitation, and to check

Five folds of checks of KOMEHYO to find out any precise imitation, and to check

From the moment to take from customer of the next customer until pass at hand. We always keep a close watch.

The latest imitation database is set up by all measures 1 purchase windows

One point compiles the purchase results 1.4 million points a year or more into a database without expressing. We deploy this system which we built by the results of the brand reuse industry best standard in all purchases center and by comparing with the always latest imitation database at purchase window, prevent inflow of the very beginning imitation.
※ We fix the system in cooperation with the law enforcement authority of each place by any chance when we discovered unjust article.

By measures 2 original training curriculum, we strengthen imitation inference power of purchase buyer

Attendance of KOMEHYO original training curriculum is required to become purchase person in charge. After that, only the staff who passed having a practised eye test said to be difficulty in the company very much acts as charge buyer in product center. In addition, we attend information exchange society, study session of new product and imitation after buyer Rebel regularly and always update eyes seeing through imitation.

Licensed "senior buyer" of association of measures 3 standard judgment person keeps a close watch on double check

For purchase product center duty that we promote experienced buyer of a fixed period of time to senior buyer as person in charge of purchase center buyer, and articles gather from the whole country. We do qualification of association standard judgment person that association of Japan distribution self-government (AACD) hosts, and outside workshop participates positively, and senior buyer collects the latest imitation information out of office. With the stern eyes, we take mixture preventive measures against double imitations to check article which buyer bought at window in product center.

We manage collectively in product center which senior buyer of each measures 4 field keeps a close watch on in one place

All the articles which we bought in national purchase center gather to product center which is distribution, production base. We manage all products collectively once before shipping to each store and EC site and, by constant standard by the high limited upper grade buyer of specialty and the high quality checkered system, prevent imitation outflow of emergency.

At the time of each measures 5 store shipment, specialist with high skill is count down

Product collected in product center is shipment after many processes such as enforcement such as repair, various maintenance in processor outside the company and manufacturer, product state check in office, collation, value original or an imitation check with market price SYSTEM INFORMATION containing, packing, shipment afterwards to sale store. We fix in particular the strong water's edge system which does not let you never ship original or an imitation check to store which be prepared, and sees one point of imitation, and does not miss specialists with high famous skill in KOMEHYO.

The highest imitation laboratory which uncovers constantly advancing imitation technology thoroughly

The highest imitation laboratory which uncovers constantly advancing imitation technology thoroughly

Every information that obtained by outside engine and overhaul input findings into imitation database system, and update "eyes" of we having a practised eye to the always latest information.

We dismantle imitation in detail and thoroughly study to invisible part

The precise latest imitation which flowed into office under stern eyes of buyer although we did not reach in shipment to store dismantles the resolution in product center and repeats check to the invisible details and makes use for imitation study.

Cooperation with the outside engine which even eyes of third party make shine

  • Jewels such as diamonds acquire appraisal in cooperation with central jewel research institute
  • Brand leather products acquire official guarantee of original or an imitation in cooperation with association of distribution self-government in Japan
  • We submit some high brands to maker directly and carry out maintenance

With the latest precision instrument, we further strengthen imitation check

  • Diamond checker and moasanaito judgment device which assure original or an imitation of diamond
  • Diamond soft X ray seeing through differentiation machine to prevent mixture of synthetic diamond including cubic
  • Refractometer which is effective for distinction with type of jewel
  • Color filter which shows power to ascertain KOLOR Stone concerned with value of jewel
  • Noble metal tester and the fluorescence X-rays analyzer which assure purity of money
  • Bibath meter (precision measuring instrument) which even slight error of mechanical clock sees through
  • Waterproof testing equipment which discovers imitation in the slack of packing
Imitation learning system which feeds back study, analysis surely to the spot

Imitation learning system which feeds back study, analysis surely to the spot

We accumulate the latest information that we got in imitation laboratory as text and image and, from new employee to expert buyer, establish place to learn regularly.

Upbringing of "stern eyes" which made full use of original curriculum when it was genuine "imitation"

It is enforcement by imitation education for all employees in the teaching materials with original curriculum utilized imitation database which KOMEHYO accumulated for many years and imitation which actually circulates.

Senior buyer of active role class of number of the experience 7-8 years is in charge of lecturer

For each genre including jewel and watch, senior buyer who is proud of leading knowledge and experience in KOMEHYO is in charge of lecturer. The being on the register roll number of people is four for only Nagoya in four people, Kanto in the whole country. We have learning through the grapevine of their "eyes" and know-how from generation to generation.

We carry out the comparison training using imitation database updated every day

Point to distinguish when we compared with genuine article is actually enforcement in the comparison training in the teaching materials in imitation database listed in detail and imitation report. Furthermore, we make data distribution from product Management Department to all bases, and database, imitation report shares point in all the members. We plan further precision up.

We hold "imitation class" with three whole country a few times a year

We realize the real thing of the latest example delivering by data and the latest imitation which actually flowed in again in all the members and establish opportunity to forge one's "eyes" some other time in imitation class imposing all buyers required participation regularly.