2020.7.02 About the handling of business resumption and point coupons (July 2 update)

2020.6.11 Store information

There was report that one infected person of new coronavirus was confirmed in the tenant other than building where our store entered.
As for other tenants, entrance breaks up with our store, and our store employee does not have close contact. In addition, we do not produce health problem either.

It is open now after having carried out new coronavirus infection spread preventive measures in KOMEHYO all the stores while considering relief of customer and employee and security of security.
It is * etemarimasu in environment that carries out preventive measures against infection spread thoroughly even more in our store, and can come in peace.

<we carry out the following as extended preventive measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases>
・Thorough alcohol sterilization and setting to entrance
・Business while we open window regularly and ventilate
・Mask wearing of the staff, thorough gargle hand-washing
・Enforcement of thermometry
・We ask customer for wearing of mask.

I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding.