2021.1.08 About change of business hours (January 13 update)


In consideration of infection spread of nationwide new coronavirus, we change business hours of some stores for relief of customer and employee and securing of security.

I apologize to all of you for the inconvenience including customer very much, but would appreciate your understanding.

■10:30-19:30 → We switch to 10:30-19:00
Nagoya Head Office

■10:00-19:00 → We switch to 11:00-19:00
Purchase center Tachikawa north exit, according to purchase center Kyodo University of Agriculture, it is purchase center Shinkoiwa south exit, purchase center Gakugeidaigaku west exit, purchase center Kokubunji south exit, purchase center Kamata west exit, purchase center Sangen-jaya Sakae street, purchase center Seijogakuen-mae, purchase center Sengawa, purchase center Musashikoyama, purchase center Motosumiyoshi purchase center Mukogaoka-Yuen Station ago

11:00-20:00 → We switch to 11:00-19:00
[the central part]
Meieki Shop, LINK SMILE Kamakuradai Shop, LINK SMILE Uedayama Shop, LINK SMILE Nisshin Takenoyama Shop, LINK SMILE Kasugai Kashiwabara shop, USED MARKET Inazawa shop

oak east exit store, Omiya east exit store, Aoyama shop, Jiyugaoka shop, Machida shop, purchase center Shibuya, purchase center Yurakucho, purchase center Kichijoji, the purchase center Ikebukuro west exit, purchase center Kyodo agricultural college street, the purchase center Shinjuku south exit, the purchase center Yokohama west exit

Umeda shop, Shinsaibashi Shop, Kyoto Shinkyougoku Shop, abeno shop, Kobe Sannomiya Shop

[Chugoku, Kyushu]
Authority of Hiroshima book shop, Tenjin store

※ Possibility to be changed includes business hours.
※ Store in commercial facilities follows for closure of the commercial facilities concerned and business hours.

<we carry out the following as extended preventive measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases>
・Thorough alcohol sterilization and setting to entrance
・Business while we open window regularly and ventilate
・We carry out mask wearing of the staff, gargle hand-washing thoroughly
・We ask customer for mask wearing.
・Enforcement of thermometry

<about online store>
About inquiry about online store, back order service, we would appreciate your contacting telephone 0120-229966 or [email protected] by email.

<about new coronavirus correspondence>
We would appreciate your contacting [email protected] by email in order to offer customer service to be satisfied with about question from customer.