2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

2016.10.01 Others

When jewelry trades constant buying and selling by "law about prevention of transfer of profit by crime" in the handling company, confirmation (procedure confirming the person identification matters such as full name, house, the date of birth of customer, business purpose, occupation) is required at business. As our company carries out identity verification in the case of buying and selling more than 2 million yen for cash with this, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
In addition, revised law was enforced on October 1, 2016, and confirmation methods were changed partly at business.

1.Confirmation of the person
In the case of buying and selling transactions for cash more than 2 million yen, we carry out identity verification of customer.
(1) Customer in the case of individual
We receive the presentation of "identity verification documents" such as driver's licenses and identify business purpose as full name, address, the date of birth and occupation.
(2) When customer makes a deal that used agent
We identify proxy from identity verification of person in charge of real business (agent) both sides and customer to agent as customer.
(3) Customer in the case of corporation
We receive the presentation such as register certified copies of corporation which is customer and confirm business with location of name of the corporation and main store or main office and business outline purpose and receive the presentation of identity verification documents about (representatives) hitting the job of the business and perform identity verification such as the representatives. In addition, about substantial ruler of the corporation, we confirm the person identification matter by report from representatives.
(4) When customer does not have juridical person
As there are not public documents proving the composition in the case of country and local public entity, corporation, foundation without personality, we receive the presentation of identity verification documents about people (representatives) trading, and customer performs identity verification.

2.Identity verification documents
We perform identity verification by having you show the following documents (the original) directly at store.
(1) Personal customer
You can confirm indentures which are available for identity verification in this.
※Identification of social position without photograph of the face is shown at the time of business and sends business document to address of mention with transfer unnecessary mail when there is not the presentation of documents which we can confirm elsewhere and changes to identity verification.
(2) Customer of corporation
Documents which were issued issuance by entry certificate (all the present matters certificate), seal registration certificate, government offices

3.Making and preservation of identity verification record and business record
In the case of buying and selling transactions more than 2 million yen for cash, it is necessary to make confirmation record at the time of business. As our company will make "customer Cards", I would like entry of the requirements.
In addition, about this record, preservation for 7 years is required.

4.Report of suspicious business
About suspicious business in buying and selling such as noble metals, we may tell the administrative agency (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the National Public Safety Commission) in light of reference example of administrative agency having jurisdiction over the type of industry.

The above