2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

In purchase center article
It is guide when you can have directly.

Purchase assessment fee for free

As we cope by assessment Counter of private room sense, even the first person can use in peace.
More than 130 specialty buyers assess daily an average of 4,000 points or more products.
Purchase with large amount is possible than another store to assess blow with the highest amount of money that specialist of assessment can buy.
We continue always showing assessment amount of money that can understand customer.

Flow of purchase

  1. 1 visit

    Bring "article" and "identification card" to purchase center.

    ※ "Identification card" is limited to the original in expiration date when the present address, the date of birth was listed.
    ※ Please note that people under 20 are not available.

    Available identification card
    • Driver's license
    • Residence card
    • Respect for the old notebook
    • Health insurance card
    • Passport (thing of published by Japanese Government)
    • Basic resident register card
    • Confirmable certificate of other social position

    ※ When the present address is different from address of mention, address confirmation in the originals such as receipts of utilities is necessary for identification card.

  2. 2 reception desks

    You show "identification card", and please finish acceptance.

    ※ "Identification card" of customer is necessary by all means every time.
    ※ We input "the name" and "the date of birth" for slip issuance.

  3. 3 assessment

    Specialized buyer performs assessment of "article".

    ※ As condition of purchase, necessary article includes guarantee Cards (warranty).
    ※ Men's clothes, ladies' clothes, kimono become the presentation with amount of money that they matched all articles with.

    Point of expensive purchase
  4. 4 business talks

    We show purchase amount of money by the highest evaluation at that time.
    We can have assessment cancel unconvincible case.

    ※ When business talk is not established, please take "article" home.
    ※ When business talk is established, we have copy of "identification card".

  5. 5 payment

    If business talk is established, I go through the procedure and hand cash.

    ※ Please note that, as a general rule, you cannot accept return of article which you bought at all.


  • About identification card

    • Identification card is limited to thing in expiration date when the present address, the date of birth were listed.
    • When we buy, identification card is necessary each time. In the case of the use, please offer identification card after the second every time.
    • As for the customer of the use, identification card take the original by all means in purchase center.
    • We confirm about buying and selling such as jewel, noble metal more than 2 million yen in cash at business such as the person identification matters.
      Please confirm "about crime profit move prevention law".
  • About age limit

    • People under 20 are not available.
  • About fashion, purchase of kimono

    • When you plurally have, men's clothes, ladies' clothes, kids' clothes, kimono will answer with amount of money that they matched all articles with.
  • Others

KOMEHYO purchase store of neighborhood

"Delivery to home purchase" the use right now from this!