2020.5.26 About the handling of business resumption and point coupons (May 26 update)

Kimono purchase

In KOMEHYO, high price buys kimono.
It is one of the products which have difficult distinction of value when kimono is not expert connoisseur.
Leave it to us with the purchase results of abundant kimono by all means.
In KOMEHYO, we heard purchase except kimono.

The KOMEHYO "kimono" purchase results

Purchase price
70,000 yen
The home Amami Oshima pongee
Purchase price
90,000 yen
Chiso visiting dress
Purchase price
60,000 yen
This Kaga yuzen black formal kimono with a decorated skirt
Purchase price
35,000 yen
Purchase price
60,000 yen
Kyoto yuzen gold Aya visiting dress
Purchase price
18,000 yen
Yuzen Ayaka mechanic visiting dress Kim
Purchase price
70,000 yen
Eijun Shiroma Nagoya style sash
Purchase price
20,000 yen
Purchase price
18,000 yen
Yasuhiro Chiji double-woven obi
Purchase price
2,500 yen
Michiaki obi cord

March 31, 2020 update
The purchase price of mention is one case.
Price fluctuates by size and age type, state.

Purchase brand example

※ It is an example of brand. You may let you buy even brand which is not listed. Please refer for the details.

Takeshi Kitamura
Icchiku Kubota
This Kaga yuzen
Home Tsumugi Yuki
The home Oshima pongee
Ushikubi pongee
Kawai Bijutsu Orimono
Yamaguchi art textile
Gujo pongee
Dragon village
Heizo Tatsumura
Eijun Shiroma
Abaca cloth
Yuko Tamanaha
Tokio Hata
Crest Yai Seki
Masuya Takao
Kawashima Textile Manufacturers
Honda shop source soldier of the Imperial Guard
Ryukyu flower texture

Voice of customer

  • Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi H.T

    It is woman who receptionist waiting on customers has good smile, and is beautiful.

    People judging such as articles are people whom they can trust with smile very much. We can entrust you in peace.

  • Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi G.K

    We had you went to another store and assess, and there was few at all, and estimated without still knowing KOMEHYO and was Shock.

    But waiting on customers is gentlemanly, too and likes KOMEHYO very much clearly.

    We thought that it was the most important to choose good shop utterly.

  • Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi S.Y

    Friend introduced sho KOMEHYO which was looking for place of expensive purchase.

    We felt Koike to be very much and waited on customers well and liked and went.

    We still go.

  • Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi M.K

    Have use several times, but which buyer is always polite, too; as cope, and explain purchase, also, would like on the next time; feel.

    Atmosphere of shop seems to be bright and thinks that it is easy to use.

To [flow of purchase] more detailed than flow of purchase

Purchase assessment free of charge!
  1. 1 visit

    "Article" and "identification card"

  2. 2 reception desks

    At reception desk "identification card"
    Please show.

  3. 3 assessment

    Specialized buyer of "article"
    We assess.

  4. 4 business talks

    If we have you understand amount of money,
    Business talk becomes establishment.

  5. 5 payment

    After the business talk establishment, go through the procedure,
    I hand cash.

Kimono "delivery to home purchase" of KOMEHYO

While there is even person without KOMEHYO store by "delivery to home purchase" near in home, purchase assessment is possible.
Postage, packing materials (delivery to home kit) are available free, too. It does not cost cancellation fee either.

Kimono "store" of KOMEHYO purchase

At the following store, we hold purchase, trade-up of kimono from customer directly.
Specialized buyer assesses product of customer with certain eyes. Even private room sense that we begin being assessment Counter is reliable.
※ Identification card of customer is necessary.

Purchase category