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ROLEX sea do error purchase

In KOMEHYO, high price buys ROLEX sea do error.
The sea do error proud of ability as diver's watch is popular not only diver.
Expensive purchase of the sea do error is possible simply because it is KOMEHYO with the direct management store in the whole country.
Please use purchase service of KOMEHYO by all means.

We ascertain value and are full of prices.


Buyer tells!Art of expensive purchase of "clock"

  • Guarantee

    Guarantee Cards (warranty) which brand issues should be attached.

    ※ If there is not guarantee Cards, there is case declining purchase.

  • State of exterior

    Cannot put out wounds of glass with exterior part; it is point of large amount of assessment whether is not damaged. In addition, about model of leather belt, it is point of expensive purchase that there are not leather hurt and dirt, smell.

  • The maintenance situation

    When statement doing maker overhaul and complete repair in latest (less than one month) when assessment has is attached, we may buy high price.

  • Part-exchange

    When clock bought next is fixed and is done so-called "part-exchange" which sells in us, and is bought, it may become higher.

Voice of customer

  • Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi H.T

    It is woman who receptionist waiting on customers has good smile, and is beautiful.

    People judging such as articles are people whom they can trust with smile very much. We can entrust you in peace.

  • Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi G.K

    We had you went to another store and assess, and there was few at all, and estimated without still knowing KOMEHYO and was Shock.

    But waiting on customers is gentlemanly, too and likes KOMEHYO very much clearly.

    We thought that it was the most important to choose good shop utterly.

  • Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi S.Y

    Friend introduced sho KOMEHYO which was looking for place of expensive purchase.

    We felt Koike to be very much and waited on customers well and liked and went.

    We still go.

  • Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi M.K

    Have use several times, but which buyer is always polite, too; as cope, and explain purchase, also, would like on the next time; feel.

    Atmosphere of shop seems to be bright and thinks that it is easy to use.

BRAND HISTORY brand history

SEA-DWELLER sea do error

Characteristic and history of the sea do error

It is model that was born by joint development with co-Mecs which it is 1971 that the sea do error was born, and is French diving research company. Even if we adopt helium gas escape valve which is a representative of diver model in ROLEX, and atmospheric pressure changes by deep diving, we come to be able to tolerate. The sea do error 1665 released as the first model was 610m waterproofing, but it becomes 1,220m waterproof afterwards, and act model reaches 3,900m waterproof. We can right say that it is the highest peak of diver model.

As for the sea do error 1665 that is initial model, there is model that logo is called red seed of rubric by. It is initial model, but rarity is still popular highly. Afterwards, we followed with sea do error 16660, sea do error 16600, sea do error dipsey Ref.116660 in 1980, and sea do error 4000Ref.116600 appeared as new model in 2014. Model released from 2008 gets heavy for 3,900m waterproof, but it may be said that the weight is proof that the sea do error of ROLEX developed.

Charm of the sea do error

It is characteristic of the sea do error, and, after all, it is helium gas escape valve that is attractive. Similarly diver model included submarina, but development of the sea do error was performed to cope with the deep sea more. There are many people considering in comparison with submarina, but it is point to be INIT belt that is easy to attach on the diving suit belonging to that is superior as diver's watch.

While there are many functions, we are slender visually. It is large size, and there is presence in ROLEX, but it is revealed that it is design more refined than other makers at all. Indeed, beautiful atmosphere that does not feel like diver's watch too much is attractive.

Purchase category

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