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Cartier jewelry purchase of KOMEHYO

In KOMEHYO, high price buys jewelry of Cartier.
Jewelry of Cartier continued being loved so far in all the countries of the world from birth those days. Not only there is history of brand, but also gets classic popularity because feelings to material are high that we can use quality habitually well for a long time.
Expensive purchase of jewelry of Cartier is possible simply because it is KOMEHYO with the direct management store in the whole country.
Expert connoisseur shows correct value of product which you had at appropriate price as well as metal weight.
As you heard only assessment, bring to shop of KOMEHYO of neighborhood casually by all means.

We ascertain value and are full of prices.


Buyer tells!Art of expensive purchase of "jewelry"

  • We evaluate by cleaning and improve! !

    State of article controls evaluation. We become beautiful, and jewel original brightness may come back just to wipe off with cloth lightly by taking surface oil content. In addition, dirt becomes easy to fall by diluting synthetic detergents with tepid water, and soaking, and putting, and doing.

    ※ Color changes depending on stone, and attention is necessary as we may injure. We recommend that you protect one by one when you have as jewel is easy to be damaged and have.

  • Thing which can prove is object of evaluation?

    What will there be with certificate?
    There are appraisal, differentiation book, guarantee of brand issuance. Differentiation book and appraisal wrote down proof of main stone and evaluation of grade, quality. Take by all means if in home. Expert buyer sees, but may be useful for price calculation. In addition, we may support assessment amount of money when there is statement, case at the time of the purchase.

  • There is trend to reuse product!

    Trend is even to used goods. Even if do not have mind to sell; "how much is?" Case when we thought of this is time for sale. Generally, when time passes after brand-name products were released, price falls; is said. That is because we always announce new product. cycle of the jewelry industry is relatively slow, but new product is sold in the life and is after and is late. In addition, we analyze the purchasing data of us's original sale results and auction, and there is many Item to rise again even if trend is article which dropped once. At first, we recommend that you have as soon as you thought.

  • Please bring a lot at a time!

    By article, we may not attach price in jikomi of one piece of article. We may attach amount of money by showing in a mass. In addition, take set product together by all means. We simulate in head how our buyer sells at the time of assessment. For example, probability of sale rises if it is necklace, ring, set product of pierced earrings by displaying in the store at the same time. We may round off fraction by having had a lot?

Voice of customer

  • Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi H.T

    It is woman who receptionist waiting on customers has good smile, and is beautiful.

    People judging such as articles are people whom they can trust with smile very much. We can entrust you in peace.

  • Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi G.K

    We had you went to another store and assess, and there was few at all, and estimated without still knowing KOMEHYO and was Shock.

    But waiting on customers is gentlemanly, too and likes KOMEHYO very much clearly.

    We thought that it was the most important to choose good shop utterly.

  • Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi S.Y

    Friend introduced sho KOMEHYO which was looking for place of expensive purchase.

    We felt Koike to be very much and waited on customers well and liked and went.

    We still go.

  • Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi M.K

    Have use several times, but which buyer is always polite, too; as cope, and explain purchase, also, would like on the next time; feel.

    Atmosphere of shop seems to be bright and thinks that it is easy to use.

BRAND HISTORY brand history

CARTIER JEWELY Cartier jewelry

■Characteristic, history of Cartier jewelry

By symbolic Item dealing with jewelry of Cartier from those days when brand was born, various designs are brought about. We are proud of very wonderful quality and design to the Edward seventh so as to have let you say, "it is jeweler of King because it is King of jeweler".

Afterwards, the Royal Family of all the countries of the world came to assume purveyance for the government.

After all, it is ring that represents jewelry of Cartier. It is chosen as engagement ring in particular and wedding ring well. Ring of Cartier is particular about the subject matter and is made. In addition, it is characterized by casual presence without insisting on design too much.

One with high popularity in particular is LOVE ring. It became classic as pairing, but is famous so that it is said to be admiration to have you present LOVE ring among women. Mini-LOVE ring is born and becomes jewelry put on in the body easily.

■Charm of Cartier jewelry

The reason why jewelry of Cartier continues being loved for a long time is that, at first, good material is attractive. There are many white gold, pink gold, yellow gold and jewelry using, but all material has good quality, and shining is thing throughout the life.

In addition, we do not cut corners to diamond to use for jewelry either. We use only high diamond of quality that quality and brightness of diamond have feelings and realized simply because it is brand called Cartier.

The feelings to keep on being particular to small place are charm of jewelry of Cartier.

"Delivery to home purchase" the use right now from this!

Purchase brand example

※ It is an example of brand. You may let you buy even brand which is not listed. Please refer for the details.

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