2020.7.02 About the handling of business resumption and point coupons (July 2 update)

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  • Platinum diamond ring 0.328ct, E, VS1, VERYGOOD

  • Platinum diamond necklace 0.417ct, E, VS2, 3EXCELLENT

  • Platinum diamond necklace 0.567ct, D, SI2, GOOD

  • Platinum diamond ring 0.609ct, F, SI2, GOOD

  • K18YG diamond ring 1.017ct, K, VS2, GOOD


  • ROLEX 16610 submarina date F article number

  • ROLEX 16700 GMT master BL/RD A article number

  • ROLEX 114270 Explorer I Z article number

  • ROLEX 16570 Explorer IIWT X article number

  • ROLEX 116400GV mil gauss BL random article number


  • ruivitommonoguramuatsui M40249

  • LOUIS VUITTON monogram Eve M95567

  • ruivitondamiegurafittoio N45252

  • ruivitondamieberemu MM N51174

  • ruivitondamiebamubakkuburukkurin N41101

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