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Takuji Ishihara

Also, as for the fiscal year ended in March, 2020, enhancement of domestic and foreign bases where group companies of branch to Thailand and two K-brand off others included corporation business by making in and sales system worked on expansion of GMV (total traffic) including reinforcement of reinforcement of purchase store branch and event purchase and corporation business including auction in the brand fashion business. As a result, in brand reuse category of the reuse industry, we did sales amount ranking No. 1 that it was firm.

In the tire wheel business, we pushed forward branch and store switch of used specialty store and made four by four engineering service group companies and worked on plan development of product.

In the whole group, sales amount was the highest ever, but, from one side, consumption tax increase or influence on economic environment due to new coronavirus infectious disease, turned out severe at all on profit side.

We act as online store or online auction for reinforcement of approach and IT to non-contact type business and data technology in order to cope with economic environment of Whiz corona, and it is group bullet and works on reinforcement of business and management efficiency and will aim at early profit recovery, improvement in corporate value of medium-and-long term we group in future.

June, 2020
President Takuji Ishihara