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Middle management policies

Middle basic policy

By planning expansion of total traffic (GMV), our group will aim at corporate strategy of medium-and-long term earning capacity reinforcement to secure the top share in the brand reuse industry.

Medium-term sales amount, profit plan (connection)

Unit: 1 million yen The fiscal year ended in March, 2019 The fiscal year ended in March, 2020 The fiscal year ended in March, 2021 The fiscal year ended in March, 2022 The fiscal year ended in March, 2023
Sales amount 50,960 57,510 Undecided Undecided Undecided
Operating income 1,860 297 Undecided Undecided Undecided
The current term net loss (△) to belong to the current term net profit to belong to parent company stockholder or parent company stockholder 1,009 △234 Undecided Undecided Undecided

 ※We will disclose when we became able to predict reasonably for the fiscal year ended in March, 2023 from the fiscal year ended in March, 2021.

Group corporate strategy

Brand fashion business

1. Securing of appropriate profit

By control of purchase, sales price or review of composition ratio of high profit rate dealer materials, we aim at securing of appropriate sales amount gross profit rate. On the other hand, we perform improving the efficiency of various expenses such as advertising cost, sales promotion costs and aim at securing of appropriate operating income.

2. Reinforcement of EC

Environmental maintenance that buying and selling utilizing online is easier will take a measure to support needs for security of customer. In addition, in the corporation business, we will perform systems construction that business of non-contact type is available for.

3. Securing of quantity of personal purchase

We strengthen alliance mainly on event purchase and make efforts in enforcement of various promotion measures. In addition, we promote personal purchase with existing shop and new branch and aim at reinforcement of medium-and-long term store earning capacity.

4. Reinforcement of corporation business

We push forward reinforcement of auction business and efficiency and plan promotion of partner business and expansion of total traffic (GMV) and aim at acquisition of new customer and find superiority by brand reuse business.

5. Reinforcement of IT and data technology (DT)

We plan reinforcement of IT including data technology (DT) and original or an imitation judgment with AI and aim at medium-and-long term growth of business that assumed them base.

Tire wheel business

We develop "U-ICHIBAN" of store specializing in used tire wheels and plan improvement in profit rate by sale reinforcement of used tire wheel. In addition, we strengthen sale in high specialty store of idea characteristics by "EURO STYLE Craft" suggesting trend of European imported car, and "URBAN OFF CRAFT" suggesting customization of SUV and four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle takes demand for part-exchange and purchase at the same time and finds used goods dealer materials. In addition, we perform review of base of some Aria and reposition financial resources to make efforts in used quotient materials.
In addition, we make efforts in plan, production of motor parts and will put new product into market.
By continuous problem of the whole our group supporting the above-mentioned strategy, we maintain the system to promote the upbringing training and the coaching training, woman achievement as reinforcement of person fortune upbringing in the next generation. In addition, we are going to strengthen efficiency of financial resources and internal control in the whole group.
In addition, our group judged matter about the future of the sentence as of our consolidated account end of the fiscal year.