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About KOMEHYO Holdings

When is establishment of company?
Company establishment is May, 1979. It shifted to the holding company system in October, 2020.
In detail "company information>Please see history.
Please tell origin of company name.
Grandfather Ishihara soldier Jiro of current president Takuji Ishihara founds rice dealer in Handa-shi, Aichi in 1897 and comes from that we assumed name "U.S. soldier".
In 1947, father of current president Takuji Ishihara, Daiji Ishihara step forward in Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi where the site of a fire remains. We lodge in corner of confectionery and open a store in secondhand clothes store. We just succeeded name and founded secondhand clothes store "U.S. soldier".
Please tell MISSION, VISION, VALUE of KOMEHYO Holdings.
For more details, please see "three elements to take good care" of.
Please tell about KOMEHYO Holdings group.
For more details, please see "list of group companies".
Do you work on environmental conservation, contribution to society?
For more details, please see "sustainable approach" page.

About financial statements, IR

When is accounting period?
It is March period. The term end is March 31.
Please tell about latest financial statements information, sales amount.
About financial statements information and monthly sales amount, please see "IR reference library".
Please tell about medium-term management plan.
We explain the details of plan by "Middle management policies".
Please tell way of thinking for IR.
Please see IR policy.
Please tell schedule of earnings announcement and IR.
We announce sequentially as soon as plan is fixed about schedule.
Please confirm IR calendar.
Please tell about risks such as business.
Please see risks such as business.
When is disclosure of monthly sales amount of Komehyo Co., Ltd.?
We announce around principle, 8th of the next month.
Please tell past achievements.
As for the past achievements, you can see achievements-related material in "financial statements highlight" from "IR reference library".
Please tell reference about IR.
We heard inquiry about IR on the telephone in IR strategy room.
[052-249-5366] We pray for madeo.
For more details, please see "IR inquiry window".

About stocks

Securities cord of KOMEHYO?
Securities cord is 2780.
Trading unit of stocks?
It is 100 stocks.
Please tell about allotment policy.
We are doing that we carry out periodical and stable allotment for stockholders depending on the situation of profit and cashflow with basic policy while our recognizing profit reduction for stockholders as important policy in corporate strategy, and finding necessary internal reserves for future business deployment and management culture reinforcement.
Is there giving the stockholders preferential treatment system?
Currently, we do not carry out.
When is general meeting of stockholders?
Ordinary general meeting of stockholders holds every year in the end of June.
Which is stockholders' list manager?
It is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank.
When is it that stocks were listed?
It is December, 2004.
Where is market where it is listed on?
It is listed on TSE Second Section, Nagoya Stock Exchange two copies.