2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

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Under the influence of new coronavirus, self-imposed restraint of holding-off buying and going out has maid dissolving overstorage of apparel product in KOMEHYO while it is excited.

Our company raises "we connect world good quality forever" in mission of brand and we continue facing yuzudoaitemu and make use of the results or more for 70 years and will suggest the most suitable channel.

<summary of purchase for corporation>

In the case of the use, we inform of our purchase service in the following procedures in corporation.img02

  1. Contact

    • ・At first, please contact with email, telephone, FAX, inquiry form casually. (when overstorage is troubling, please feel free to contact.)
    • ・※shiteomasu which offers exclusive form to FAX. As the last of this page includes attachment, please inflect.
  2. Assessment

    • ・The person in charge contacts by telephone, email. We will inform of the details of purchase method on this occasion.
    • ・Purchase method includes "we buy directly" (we bring article into store directly) and "delivery to home purchase" (we ship products to designated shipping address).
    • ・As you can cope about other correspondence methods flexibly, please order.
  3. Estimate

    • ・We make use of the results of 70 years, and connoisseur ascertaining value of important article shows appropriate estimate amount of money.
  4. Handing over of cash

    • ・We will pay purchase amount of money to transfer account of designation if you can understand estimate amount of money.
    • ・It becomes condition that account name is the same as application company name.
    • ・<< & instructions to ask >> do identity verification of person in charge. I would like the presentation of identification of social position. Point service in purchase center is not available.

<strength only in KOMEHYO>

  1. It is cash handing over immediately

    We close in other companies in this month, and it takes time before payment, but a lot of next month payment can pay in around one week at the earliest until payment immediately after hearing if it is KOMEHYO. We will meet necessary needs to the maximum right now.

  2. Consideration of distribution channel

    We will consider manufacturer, business company, customer so that distribution channel is not exposed. We meet consultation of distribution channel to meet requirements of market control of products, client including tag cut. Using KOMEHYO original merchandise management network, we can distribute products to appropriate market.

  3. Estimated value of high standard

    We make use of the results 70 years or more, and connoisseur ascertaining value of important article shows appropriate estimate amount of money.
    We will show maximum purchase price from small quantity to big mouth in consideration of the sale results at store.

<the days until notification - cash handing over>

Period to take before payment

A minimum period of around one week

Period that payment takes

Payment is a minimum period of one day from contract


At first, please contact! We do not mind even assessment.

▼Inquiry over telephone
0120-140-981 (time in 10:30 - 18: for 00. day on day in fixed closing day)
※Tell with "inquiry about corporation purchase".

▼Inquiry by email
[email protected]
※Please input to "inquiry about corporation purchase" and title.

▼Inquiry by FAX
You have you print out this "corporation purchase application", and, after filling out the requirements, please fax to corporation purchase inquiry window.
FAX: 052-778-8085

▼Inquiry with form
Purchase application form is this