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Of expensive purchase of KOMEHYO
Secret grand duke open

Can you buy KOMEHYO more highly than why et al.?
To answer such a question of customer thinking of purchase,
And to have you understand than now,
"Invention that even 1 yen can buy highly" that we are continuing thinking about 365 days,
We explain right out.

Secret 1 of expensive purchase

We are sure to clean,
Therefore we can buy highly. Maintenance power

You can buy for the next customer if you can clean like new article even if dirty even if damaged to some extent. We can estimate even the amount of purchase to be high.

Therefore, in KOMEHYO, certain company's repair craftsman, specialized partner company of arm is check & maintenance for each genre. We can buy more highly than others because we are sure to be able to totally rejuvenate one by one.


  • We perform all operation check, the inside check and perform repair necessary in total in age type and state of that watch.
  • We maintain environment that can repair various clocks by good relations with company specialized in various clock repair.
  • We do, and, as for the close wounds that have stuck to clock, new exterior state can hit the shelves by certain abrasion technology.


  • Article which had you hand over performs by hand new finish of skilled specialty company and we bring jewel original brightness to life and sell.
  • When oldness is felt on design side, by just remaking good jewel in the latest design, raise value as products.
  • Even small parts including clasp perform repair, maintenance finely, and, let alone jewel, they can hit the shelves.


  • We perform condition check of all products and give cleaning and maintenance to keep luster of leather material in the company.
  • When we repair with maker genuine article when there are defects in parts such as zippers, and raveling of stitch and deterioration of leather material are seen, we perform reinforcement in specialty suppliers and are based on quality to be able to use even used goods for for a long time for a long time.
  • On the other hand, we cut down without adding extra hand for product received in state that does not need maintenance in particular. We always keep the amount of most suitable purchase, sales price in mind for customer.


  • We ascertain material and state and ask cleaning partner with high specialty for maintenance each and can hit the shelves after we raise quality as much as possible.

Secret 2 of expensive purchase

"The most suitable value root" different for each products
Know, therefore can buy highly. Various sale channels

In fact, selling is not distribution channel in shop. Depending on products, there is another sale to sell more highly.

KOMEHYO knows "the most suitable value route" well. And we can buy any Item more highly than others as we build smooth market network.

All products are common

  • To auction that by ascertaining exchange and trendy cycle, included home and abroad and the company, others in exhibit, and can sell at high price more
  • Store-based sales, the company auction and EC mall sale including company EC+ Rakuten, the Amazon


  • "Diamond specialty" by joint sponsorship of KOMEHYO and other two companies foreign countries auction
  • Jewelry auction of KOMEHYO Hong Kong
  • Wholesale sale to specialty partner specialized in money and diamond


  • Watch show of KOMEHYO Hong Kong
  • Wholesale sale to partner specialized in domestic and foreign clocks
  • Wholesale sale to partner specialized in clock parts


  • Wholesale sale to partner specialized in domestic and foreign bags


  • Wholesale sale to partner specialized in domestic and foreign bags

Secret 3 of expensive purchase

Reliable connoisseur raises price each other,
Therefore we can buy highly. Original
Holding of auction

Original auction of KOMEHYO which is one of the most suitable value routes. Nature and attention gather to good article with domestic and foreign certain having a practised eye that cleared severe examination is this auction to gather, as for the amount of business more to high price.

As for becoming high price than we sometimes wholesale to specialized company. In addition, as demand is to article which was not sold here at store, there cannot be thing that article which had you hand over is not popular.

In other words, we are sure to be popular by all means. Therefore we can buy KOMEHYO more highly than others.

Secret 4 of expensive purchase

Therefore all over Japan can buy department store and select store at the same level as shop highly. Of 34 whole country
Store development

We bring up article which had you hand over into good product which is as possible in a state. And people as many as possible see those products. It is basic of business that can appeal to many people for so good article.

KOMEHYO protects the basics faithfully and, with assortment of goods, quality not to be defeated by department store and select shop either and product knowledge, can enjoy shopping to people that there is many 365 days in shop of all over Japan.

In other words, we can buy at high price simply because many people come and are sure to be able to buy.