2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

Even as for other store stock,
"Back order" of products is possible to store of neighborhood!

We order and serve store

Free cancellation is OK!
  • We want to see the real thing!
  • We want to try on!
  • We want to compare!

Make "back order" to store of neighborhood, and shopping of relief.

※ Registration (free) to KOMEHYO ONLINE STORE is necessary.

KOMEHYO store of neighborhood can order product placed in KOMEHYO ONLINE STORE.
We take the use from KOMEHYO ONLINE STORE!

"Back order"
We introduce in 30 seconds

Flow back order service of "back order" to [KOMEHYO ONLINE STORE]

  1. We look for 1 product

    Look for product you like in KOMEHYO ONLINE STORE.

  2. 2 back order procedures

    You order from button "ordering this product in store" of product details page, and please go through the procedure.

  3. Notification of arrival of 3 products

    If products arrive at back order store, we give notification gap.

  4. 4 visits

    After the notification of arrival at quotient grade, please come to the store for less than one week.

Imitation shutting out program of KOMEHYO

We nominate the entire company and perform various approaches to see through imitation technology adding to delicacy more and more.

To imitation shutting out program page of KOMEHYO


We confirm about buying and selling such as jewelry more than 2 million yen in cash at business such as the person identification matters.
Please confirm "about crime profit move prevention law".

About crime profit move prevention law