2021.1.08 About change of business hours (January 13 update)

Connoisseur chooses,
Artisan works hard,
To you.

Reliable thing that having a practised eye selected carefully,
While picking up, and actually talking,
You can choose slowly.

Look for on the Internet
It is ordered to store of neighborhood.

KOMEHYO "back order service"

"Marketable goods" lineup


  • Platinum diamond ring 0.328ct, E, VS1, VERYGOOD

  • Platinum diamond necklace 0.417ct, E, VS2, 3EXCELLENT

  • Platinum diamond necklace 0.567ct, D, SI2, GOOD

  • Platinum diamond ring 0.609ct, F, SI2, GOOD

  • K18YG diamond ring 1.017ct, K, VS2, GOOD


  • ROLEX 16610 submarina date F article number

  • ROLEX 16700 GMT master BL/RD A article number

  • ROLEX 114270 Explorer I Z article number

  • ROLEX 16570 Explorer IIWT X article number

  • ROLEX 116400GV mil gauss BL random article number


  • ruivitommonoguramuatsui M40249

  • LOUIS VUITTON monogram Eve M95567

  • ruivitondamiegurafittoio N45252

  • ruivitondamieberemu MM N51174

  • ruivitondamiebamubakkuburukkurin N41101

Imitation shutting out program of KOMEHYO

We nominate the entire company and perform various approaches to see through imitation technology adding to delicacy more and more.

To imitation shutting out program page of KOMEHYO


We confirm about buying and selling such as jewelry more than 2 million yen in cash at business such as the person identification matters.
Please confirm "about crime profit move prevention law".

About crime profit move prevention law