2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

CO site campaign banner (KANTE WELCOME COUPON)

All KOMEHYO formula brand flea market first article 1,000 yen OFF

We support your flea market application Rebel
Under 1,000 yen OFF coupon present which is usable to all articles now

[target product] All products which are exhibited at flea market application KANTE (takeoff point)

[coupon amount of money] All article 1,000 yen OFF
※It is one-off per person

[Terms of Use] After installing KANTE, we deliver coupon to simple users who had you subscribe of e-mail addresses sequentially.

The details of KANTE application ☞ (http://komehyo.jp/include_html/landing/kantelp/)
If look for product which KOMEHYO store does not have; ☞ (http://kante-jp.com/)

Please feel free to contact from KANTE application << inquiry >> if you have any questions.
All the staff look forward to your use.