2021.3.31 About change of business hours (March 31 update)

Service key which exhibits easily, and entrusts you is visual

Round-trip free shipping! Does flea market exhibition not use service that all the business can leave to professional, too?

Is interested in flea market exhibition, but which "seem to be too much hassle" which "operation is difficult" "trouble worries of personal partner…It is recommended to you who gave up including "!
Exhibition and business correspondence at desired price was all professional, and, to reliable brand flea market application 〝 KANTE 〟 with KOMEHYO formula "evaluation", "service to leave exhibition to easily" that we could leave started.

①Round-trip free shipping
②Transfer fee for free
③It is cancellation fee-free and is begun being burden on user 0 yen when we are not popular!

[service summary]
Please confirm the details from URL below.

[targeted for service]
User who had KANTE apply to the top of subscribing (full name, address), KANTE customer support by email
Application by email ☞ (https://kante-jp.com/guide/etc/inquiry/)

■The details of KANTE application ☞ (https://komehyo.jp/include_html/landing/kantelp/)

■If look for product which KOMEHYO store, online store does not have; ☞ (http://kante-jp.com/)

All the staff look forward to your use.