2020.9.25 About the handling of change and point coupons of business hours (September 25 update)

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In KOMEHYO, you can use "coupon common throughout GOTO travel area" in all sale stores, LINK SMILE, USED MARKET.

[target store]

KOMEHYO SHINJUKU, KOMEHYO SHINJUKU MEN, KOMEHYO SHINJUKU WOMEN, Ginza store, Aoyama shop, Machida shop, Jiyugaoka store

Omiya east exit store

Oak east exit store

USED MARKET Nagano shop

Nagoya Head Office Main Building, kimono building, KOMEHYO FASHION NAGOYA, Meieki Shop, LINK SMILE Kamakuradai Shop, LINK SMILE Nisshin Takenoyama Shop, LINK SMILE Uedayama Shop, LINK SMILE Sakae Skyle Shop, LINK SMILE Kasugai Kashiwabara shop, USED MARKET Moriyama Shikenya Shop, USED MARKET Inazawa shop

Kyoto Shinkyougoku Shop

Umeda shop, Shinsaibashi Shop, abeno shop

Kobe Sannomiya Shop

Authority of Hiroshima book shop

Tenjin store


[target product]
All the products in shop
※Mail order including KOMEHYO ONLINESTORE is inapplicable.

[at the time of use of coupon common throughout GOTO travel area careful]

Only paper coupon is available.
・In the case of the use that is with or less of face value, change is not paid.
・Please confirm whether the location of store which you wish to use is included in "available Aria" of coupon mention.
・When we exceed expiration date, it is not available.


In the case of trip, you have you drop in at KOMEHYO of neighborhood, and please enjoy shopping.
We look forward to your visit.

Please confirm this about coupon common throughout area in detail.