2021.1.08 About change of business hours (January 13 update)

Banner image for first sales commission cashback campaign

Sales commission total amount cashback campaigns in the first exhibition support first time for from Wednesday, January 6 to Wednesday, March 31

It is good news for person whom we were wondering whether to exhibit at flea market application.

"We heard that flea market application sells highly, but is it true? ?"
"We seem to use all, and will we exhibit me?…"
We support flea market application exhibition Rebel of such you.

Sales commission is free substantially only now! Campaign that is very advantageous of this by all means without passing over!

[target period] From Wednesday, January 6, 2021 to Wednesday, March 31

[privilege contents] We have you exhibit one point or more for the first time in KANTE during target period and will pay sales commission cashback to the total amount registration account about business on around 15th in the next month on business completion day in the first time connected for contract, business completion.

[instructions] When some kind of terms violations are confirmed, it may become out of campaign object.

■The details of KANTE application ☞ (http://komehyo.jp/include_html/landing/kantelp/)

■If look for product which KOMEHYO store, online store does not have; ☞ (http://kante-jp.com/)

Please feel free to contact from KANTE application << inquiry >> if you have any questions.
All the staff look forward to your use.