2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)


"Thank-you sale of Kanto Aria of the 70th anniversary" information is as follows!

[schedule] From Saturday, April 29, 2017 to Sunday, May 7, 2017
[held store] All KOMEHYO sale stores

◆◇◆ 0% of shopping credit division interest rate fees! ◆◇◆
Until Wednesday, May 31, split commission of shopping credit is free to 36 times!

※Condition varies according to store, articles
※The Nagoya Head Office kimono section is inapplicable
※KOMEHYO will bear interest rate fee

◆◇◆ Rakuten point double campaign held for the same period! ◆◇◆
Rakuten point to save at the time of the shopping, purchase use in KOMEHYO is double only now!
Rakuten point that we saved is available by shopping in KOMEHYO.
About Rakuten reward card from this

◆◇◆ It is 5%OFF by payment by Origami application ◆◇◆
To 4/29-5/7, the shopping price is 5%OFF by payment by Origami application!
Product of online store is available by back order to store of neighborhood, too.

※It is limited to product less than tax-included 300,000 yen
※Online store, Nagoya Head Office engram, Sakae Central Park shop, each purchase center shop are inapplicable
※Only VISA, MasterCard, SAISON CARD are available

◆◇◆ Event information according to store ◆◇◆

[Shinjuku store]
・In a limited quantity! 7,000 yen uniform special price including domestic and foreign brand jewelry, no-brand jewelry
・The latest remake jewelry beginning to sell in the spring and summer
・We accept fixing, new article finish running out of 5/1-5/7 ring size fixing, necklace for a limited time for for each 700 yen!

・We offer ROLEX, Cartier, OMEGA store-limited bargain item
・SEIKO, CASIO, CITIZEN, popular domestic USED clock of orient are all article 7% OFF!
・During period of 5/1-5/7, we accept battery exchange, Breath washing for 700 yen!
・During period of 4/29-5/7 30% of overhaul in our business partner OFF (※ ROLEX, maker repair-response quality exclude)
・Leather belt order assembly holding

◇Brand bag
・70 points-limited! Brand scarf uniform special price
・70 points-limited! COACH, GHERARDINI, Mrs. brand wagon sale including LONGCHAMP
・Brand bag wagon sale for summer
・We offer 70,000 yen, limited bargain item of 700,000 yen!

・We offer 700 yen, 7,000 yen, a lot of 70,000 yen uniform products.
・Men's clothing up to 30% OFF! Purchase two points or more is more 10% OFF at cash register!


[Ginza store]

Everlasting admiration, bags of HERMES assemble in full force in Ginza store.

・Buyer novelty
During thank-you sale period, chocolate ring of ANTIQUE is presented by customer (20 people the first in every day) who had you purchase!


[Aoyama shop]

Is wide from jewel, clock, bag, trendy article to rare article; under the handling!
BAG which is usable in coming season in the spring and summer is received more and more.


[Machida shop, Omiya east exit store, oak east exit store, Jiyugaoka store]
We offer with jewelry, clock, brand bag, special price!