2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)


"SPRING SALE" of Kanto Aria information is as follows!

[schedule] From Saturday, March 4, 2017 to Monday, March 20, 2017

[held store] All KOMEHYO sale store, urcajewel

◆◇◆ Great lottery where for JTB travel coupon 100,000 yen is! ◆◇◆
During sale period, we hold great lottery where five people win for JTB travel coupon 100,000 yen by lot!
Lottery ticket is presented 5,000 yen or more by customer of purchase.

Furthermore, the number of sheets of lottery ticket to be able to get improves together so that there is much number of people of visit!
One     ⇒One piece of application ticket
Visit is two pieces of ⇒ application tickets in two people
Visit is up to three pieces of ⇒ application tickets in three people or more
You do shopping with family and friend in KOMEHYO, and please enjoy trip this spring!

※We get election of prize with shipment.
※The staff confirms the number of your companions.

◆◇◆ It is 10%OFF from the check by the Origami application settlement at store  ◆◇◆
Until Friday, March 31, is payment by Origami application, than purchased amount the check is 10%OFF!

"Origami Pay" to be able to use smartphone for like wallet only by your credit card enrolling in application.
In commemoration of introduction in KOMEHYO, is payment by Origami application; than the check 10%OFF!
Product of online store is available by back order to store of neighborhood, too.

The details of Origami Pay are this!

※Online store, Nagoya Head Office engram, LINK SMILE wing town Okazaki store, each purchase center shop are excluded.
※Only VISA, MasterCard, SAISON CARD are available.
※Rolex is excluded.
※Available sum is less than 1 million yen.

◆◇◆ 0% of shopping credit division interest rate fees! ◆◇◆
Until Friday, March 31, you can use shopping credit at no interest rate.
※Condition varies according to store, articles.
※The kimono section of Nagoya Head Office is inapplicable.
※KOMEHYO will bear interest rate fee.

◆◇◆ Event information according to store ◆◇◆

◆Shinjuku store
[the first floor, the fifth-floor brand bag, miscellaneous goods, accessories etc]
・Up to 40% of popular brand bags are large special prices of OFF!
・We offer Birkin, Kelly and CHANEL of HERMES, bag, wallet of first-class brand including LOUIS VUITTON at sale special price a lot!

[the second-floor brand casual watch, writing implements]
・We offer a lot of discount products such as store-limited special price and up to 300,000 yen discounts!
・USED Cartier watch 500,000 yen or more products are all article reductions in price
・All FRANCK MULLER article 5% OFF
・We offer USED casual watch University special price corner!
・All new writing implements article 5% OFF

[3, the fourth-floor jewel, noble metal, brand jewelry]
・Evaluation memo diamond corner up to 30% OFF
・In a limited quantity! 10,000 yen ...! No-brand uniform special price corner
・Brand jewelry up to 30% OFF such as TIFFANY, Bvlgari, Cartier, vankurifu & aperu!
・It is present in jewelry BOX of flower preserved with 500,000 yen of Harry Winston or more diamond jewelry toward the purchase!
・Adult buying! Stack charge account coordinate support plan!
We offer 4℃, VENDOME, STAR JEWELRY, agete at domestic popular jewelry uniform price and sale special price!

[6, 7, the eighth-floor select brand wear, import brandware, men's casual & outdoor brandware]
・We offer a lot of Item of popular Mrs. brands such as LEONARD, HANAE MORI, Miss Ashida at 6F
・We live a new life at 7F and support! We offer a lot of Item to be usable by business scenes such as suit or tie
・We offer NIKE, popular model of brand including adidas or much-talked-about model a lot at 8F


◆Ginza store
・From high jewelry such as Cartier, vankurifu, Harry Winston to light jewelry, it is up to 30% of OFF!
・In spring ceremony! We offer special price pearl necklace with a limitation of amount!

・We cut the price of ladies' high-grade watches such as Cartier, Chopard, Harry Winston in large quantities!
・Grand Seiko, CREDOR large quantities reduction in price

[brand bag]
・We offer HERMES, Birkin of the new arrival, a lot of Kelly
・Popular brand wallets such as LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, GUCCI are special prices with a limitation of amount!

・Ladies' menstruation clothing up to 50% OFF!
・We offer a lot of new arrival products of Christian Louboutin!
・For new life! The men's tie large quantities arrival


◆Aoyama shop
・Jewelry such as quite popular HERMES, bag and Cartier, vankurifu of CHANEL is special prices!
・We offer from standard of fashion usable for a long time to spring titivation Item a lot!


◆Shibuya Koen-dori St. shop
We offer vintage Item with special price a lot!


◆Machida shop, Omiya east exit store, oak east exit store, Jiyugaoka shop
We offer a lot of articles of financial statements special price in amount-limited!
We are carrying out expensive trade-in.


◆urcajewel Musashikoyama store
In a limited quantity! We offer jewelry of 30,000, 50,000, 70,000 yen equality
Besides, we offer a lot of special price products!