2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)


XMAS SALE information of Kanto Aria is as follows!

[schedule] From Saturday, November 26, 2016 to Sunday, December 25, 2016
[held store] All KOMEHYO sale store, urcajewel

◆◇◆ Information for XMAS SALE good bargain product ◆◇◆
We introduce XMAS SALE best recommended good bargain product, brand!

・<up to 40%OFF> Longed-for evaluation memo diamond jewelry
・<up to 40%OFF> Popular brand jewelry such as Cartier Bvlgari TIFFANY
・<up to 40%OFF> In present! Diamond necklace to 100,000 yen

・<up to 50%OFF> PRADA, Saint Laurent, popular new article brand bag including GUCCI
・<up to 30%OFF> Standard popular HERMES, LOUIS VUITTON, Chanel

・<up to 300,000 yen OFF> ROLEX, Cartier
・<up to 10%OFF> OMEGA, TAG Heuer

・<up to 50%OFF> Ladies' high brand fashion
・<up to 30%OFF> Men's popular brand down

By store of offering there may not be. Please confirm the stock situation in KOMEHYO ONLINE STORE!
Online store is this!

◆◇◆ 0% of from Saturday, November 26 to Saturday, December 31 shopping credit division interest rate fees! ◆◇◆
During period, you can use shopping credit at no interest rate to 24 times.
※Condition varies according to store, articles.
※The kimono section of Nagoya Head Office is inapplicable.
※KOMEHYO will bear interest rate fee.

◆◇◆ Remake jewelry of KOMEHYO ◆◇◆
It is most suitable for present!
We take only diamond of good quality out of the jewelry of old design,
It is jewelry of KOMEHYO original which we converted into the latest design.

Frame becomes price that is more affordable than new jewelry in spite of mint condition.
We offer ring, pierced earrings, necklace by various designs!
Please buy in store, online store.
List of products of remake jewelry is this!

◆◇◆ Event information according to store ◆◇◆

Shinjuku store

[the first floor, the fifth-floor brand bag, miscellaneous goods, accessories etc]
・As for FURLA, COACH, kate spade, USED bag 1, 2, 30,000 yen are uniform!
・Winter must-have item which dries! Body cream of Elizabeth Arden, popular cosmetics including hand cream of sabon flock
・Popular brand Item up to 50%OFF such as PRADA, GUCCI, Saint Laurent
・We offer bag of LOUIS VUITTON, a lot of unused bargain items of wallet!
・Toward the request for gift packing of wallet, accessory of LOUIS VUITTON, we wrap in gift BOX of LOUIS VUITTON!
(it becomes the end as soon as ※ BOX disappears.)
・We offer bag, wallet of longed-for HERMES CHANEL with sale special price

[the second-floor brand casual watch, writing implements]
・Up to 500,000 yen discount! We offer a lot of store-limited bargain items
・Up to 20% of USED casual watches are OFF!
・Vintage & NeXT vintage feature!
"Gem" of 60' -80' vintage watch attracted "signature products" of 90' -00' NCXX strike vintage to all members.
There is value of seeing in selection of best part which is unbearable for authority of clock!
・Saturday, November 26, two days limitation of 27 Sunday! Battery exchange & Breath washing for each 850 yen, overhaul 20%OFF campaign are held
※Rolex is the outside targeted for overhaul 20%OFF.
・In a limited quantity! It is presented MONTBLANC original ink by the first arrival by customer of the MONTBLANC fountain pen purchase!

[3, the fourth-floor jewel, noble metal, brand jewelry]
・About 2,000 points of no-brand jewelry mass reductions in price!
・No-brand jewelry 1, 3, 5, 7, 100,000 yen uniform bargain item
・TIFFANY, vankurifu & aperu, Bvlgari, Cartier, Harry Winston
30%OFF maximum famous brand jewelry
・It is service at special price uniform with agete, STAR JEWELRY, 4℃, domestic brand jewelry including VENDOME AOYAMA!
・It is the best recommended for Christmas present! We pick up jewelry of AHKAH

[6, 7, the eighth-floor select brand wear, import brandware, men's casual & outdoor brandware]
・11/26-12/11 popular brand large quantities arrival ① "Chanel" for a limited time
Item of quite popular luxury brand "CHANEL" arrives at Shinjuku store in large quantities!
We offer from popular no-collar jacket to Item such as knit.

・12/10-12/25 popular brand large quantities arrival ② "Burberry" for a limited time
Item of quite popular standard brand "Burberry" arrives at Shinjuku store in large quantities!
We offer from Item of popular plaid to outer.

・We are having products for winter one after another!
Lineup that is wide from casual brand to luxury brand


Ginza store

・10, 15, 200,000 yen are uniform from Cartier, TIFFANY, Bvlgari standard to popular model! (limited number of)
・Large drop of diamond with 1 carat or more appraisals is price down only now! We offer a lot
・We offer from high brand jewelry to no-brand jewelry in up to 30%OFF!

・We serve at up to 500,000 yen discount from ROLEX to three major brands of the world

[brand bag]
・We offer Birkin of HERMES, a lot of Kelly Shinnyu load products!

[ladies' fashion]
・We offer a lot of theory Shinnyu load products creating good-quality style of adult!


Aoyama shop

・30%OFF maximum jewelry of vankurifu & aperu and Cartier!
・We offer Birkin Kelly of clock and HERMES of popular Cartier at up to 100,000 yen discount!


Shibuya Koen-dori St. shop

Sale first after the reopening! In 30%OFF maximum as for popular vintage Item.


Machida shop, Omiya east exit store, oak east exit store, Jiyugaoka shop

Year-end big special price sale!
We offer jewel, clock, bag with special price a lot.
We accept back order of another store stock from one point! We take consultation of part-exchange casually.


urcajewel Musashikoyama store

A lot of special oo preparation of special price.
New article, remake fair are open, too!