2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)


"Anniversary SUMMER SALE" of Kanto Aria information is as follows!

[schedule] From Saturday, June 24, 2017 to Monday, July 17, 2017
[held store] All KOMEHYO sale stores

◆◇◆ Sale period-limited Rakuten point up to 3 times! ◆◇◆
Chance to save Rakuten point during Anniversary SUMMER SALE period!

By the presentation of Rakuten reward card,
①Point by shopping is double! (the use in online store, please use "Rakuten Pay".)
②Point by purchase is double!

Furthermore, point is triple when we use both shopping and purchases!
Of course Rakuten point that we saved is usable by shopping in KOMEHYO.
The details of Rakuten reward card are this

◆◇◆ Up to 36 times! 0% of shopping credit division interest rate fees ◆◇◆
Until Monday, July 31, you can use shopping credit at no interest rate.
※Condition varies according to store, articles.
※The kimono section of Nagoya Head Office is inapplicable.
※KOMEHYO will bear interest rate fee.

◆◇◆ By payment by Origami application, it is 5%OFF ◆◇◆
During sale period, is payment by Origami application; than the check 5%OFF!
Product of online store is available by back order to store of neighborhood, too.
The details of Origami application from this

※It becomes to discount sum upper limit 15,000 yen.
※Online store, Nagoya Head Office engram, Sakae Central Park shop, each purchase center shop are excluded.
※Only VISA, MasterCard, SAISON CARD are available.

◆◇◆ It is advantageous to buy for money that we sold! Part-exchange campaign is held! ◆◇◆
When, during sale period, we have article which we did not use sell and have you purchase products newly,
It is campaign that part-exchange amount of money improves according to amount of money of article having you purchase!

⇒ part-exchange amount of money with less than 5,000-50,000 yen in total of purchase amount of money improves 1,000 yen
⇒ part-exchange amount of money with less than 50,000-100,000 yen in total of purchase amount of money improves 5,000 yen
⇒ part-exchange amount of money improves 10,000 yen 100,000 yen or more the total of purchase amount of money

Consideration is chance by replacement by purchase of your Item now♪
For more details, please see from this.

※There is article which we cannot buy by our regulations
※Even delivery to home purchase is available.

◆◇◆ Event information according to store ◆◇◆

◆Shinjuku store

[store-limited! Popular brand bag new article special price sale]
Surprisingly, from new price, it is MAX70 % OFF!
Large special price that bag, accessory of popular brand is limited to flyers!
Flyer which is full of good bargains is checked by this!
※Products will sell on a qualified scale at Shinjuku store 1F from Saturday, June 24.
※To another store of flyer publication product cannot order.

[from July 7 to July 9 limitation! In Shinjuku store, Shinjuku store ANNEX, particularly held plan the Star Festival]
‐Jewelry: New pierced earrings 700 yen equality
‐Clock: All USED domestic production watch article 7% OFF ※There is product excluding partly
‐Brand bag: 70,000 yen, 700,000 yen uniform special price product preparation! As for the perfume, 700 yen is uniform
‐Clothing: It is 7% OFF by two points of purchase

・Harry Winston, TIFFANY, Bvlgari, vankurifu & aperu, Cartier up to 30%OFF
・4℃, STAR JEWELRY, VENDOME 1.3.5 ten thousand Japanese yen equality
・No-brand new article necklace, new pierced earrings 50% OFF
・The 70th anniversary of the foundation of KOMEHYO plan 7,000 yen, 70,000, 700,000 yen uniform special price
・Jewelry maintenance ring size fixing, necklace chain sharpness fixing, new article finish during period in 1,000 yen equality!

[clock, writing implements]
・Up to 300,000 yen OFF! We offer a lot of advantageous products including store-limited bargain item
・All OMEGA Cima star article reductions in price!
・20%OFF maximum USED casual watch
・Original ink is presented by the first arrival by customer of the MONTBLANC fountain pen purchase! ※It is finished as soon as it disappears
・"Signature product" of next vintage fair holding 90' -00' NCXX strike vintage flocks!

[brand bag]
・New bag 19,800 yen, 29,800 yen, 39,800 yen uniform special price
・Very popular! Brand outlet wagon sale holding

・Clothing up to 30% OFF
・500 yen, 5,000 yen, 50,000 uniform special price product preparation!
・Malin lifestyle Collection
We suggest coordinates to play an active part in vacation and marine sports, shopping!


◆Shinjuku store ANNEX

・From July 7 to July 9 limitation! In Shinjuku store, Shinjuku store ANNEX, the Star Festival special plan is held
It is 7% OFF by the clothing two points purchase!
・Clothing up to 30% OFF!
・Sunglasses & eyewear Collection
Sunglasses of import system, designer system and about 200 points of Japanese eyewear of craftsman line!


◆Ginza store

・Up to 30% of brand Item including Cartier is OFF!!

・We offer a lot of PATEK PHILIPPE USED Shinnyu load products
・We offer ROLEX, store-limited bargain item including Cartier
・All articles cut good OMEGA, Cima star series in summer

[brand bag]
・30%OFF maximum bag, accessories such as LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, FENDI, PRADA!
・A lot of premium Item such as HERMES "Birkin" "Kelly" are received, too

[ladies', men's fashion]
・A lot of bargain items preparation of up to 50% of OFF


◆Aoyama shop
・Brand bags including HERMES CHANEL are received one after another!
・We cut part of trendy Item including Celine Gucci PRADA.


◆Machida shop, Omiya east exit store, oak east exit store, Jiyugaoka shop
We offer a lot of value products of jewel, clock, BAG!