2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)


Kanto Aria "Golden Week fair" event information is as follows
[period] Saturday, April 27, 2019 - Monday, May 6
[held store] All KOMEHYO sale stores, LINK SMILE, USED MARKET
※KOMEHYO online store is inapplicable

0% of shopping credit division interest rate fees for a limited time
From Saturday, April 27 to Monday, May 6 shopping credit "no interest rate to 36 times"
※KOMEHYO bears interest rate fee

[100 sets of 200 people] By purchase, shopping, Takarazuka opera invitation campaigns
We present ticket of Takarazuka opera by purchases 10,000 yen or more or shopping by lot of period of from Saturday, April 27 to Friday, May 31.
※KOMEHYO online store is inapplicable
The campaign details from this

Shinjuku store, Shinjuku store ANNEX, Shinjuku store clock building

Jewelry (Shinjuku store 2, 3, the fourth floor)
・Cartier, TIFFANY, Harry Winston: Up to 20%OFF
・ Diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire: Up to 20%OFF
・ It is further up to 10% of OFF by bulk buying

Brand bag, accessory (the fifth floor of Shinjuku store)
・Carrier bag which is good in travel season, a lot of Boston bags preparation!
・COACH fair holding! A lot of new outlet articles arrival.

Ladies' fashion (Shinjuku store 6th-8th floors)
・Clothes in the spring and summer: Up to 50%OFF

Men's fashion (Shinjuku store ANNEX)
・Clothing in the spring and summer: Up to 50%OFF

Clock (Shinjuku store clock building)
・The new outlet watch (ladies') arrival of GUCCI
・We offer 50 points of store-limited bargain items
・POP UP event holding custom watch brand "andan" comes up.
We can make original watch only for oneself from 30,000 yen
・Luxury watch fair (ladies') holding
・Lange & zonefea holding

Ginza store

・Popular jewelry brand: GW special price up to 20%OFF

・The Imperial Court, jewels and ornaments system luxury watch large quantities display

・Carrier bag which is good in travel season, a lot of Boston bags preparation
・Other popular bags are received one after another, too!

・It is for summer in spring: Partly up to 50%OFF

Aoyama shop

・Brand bag, jewelry, clock: We offer the new arrival one after another
・Jewelry bulk buying: 10%OFF maximum after second point