2020.7.02 About the handling of business resumption and point coupons (July 2 update)

CO site campaign banner (store installation CP)

<< store-limited >> campaign that is advantageous immediately on the spot even if buy even if sell

Under KOMEHYO formula flea market application 〝 KANTE 〟 installation campaign!
Discount, purchase amount of money up are possible immediately at store?

[store targeted for campaign]
Each KOMEHYO all the stores and LINKSMILE, USED MARKET store

[product targeted for campaign]
Purchase ⇒ product price 5,000 yen or more
Purchase ⇒ purchase price 5,000 yen or more
※By our regulations, we may not buy.

[campaign condition]
You install KANTE application at target store store, and please show Apulia icon to the staff.
※When we had you install application for the first time, it becomes one-time privilege per person.

[campaign privilege contents]
We guide at store of store targeted for campaign. We look forward to visit to store of neighborhood by all means.

■The details of KANTE application ☞ (http://komehyo.jp/include_html/landing/kantelp/)

■If look for product which KOMEHYO store, online store does not have; ☞ (http://kante-jp.com/)

Please feel free to contact from KANTE application << inquiry >> if you have any questions.
All the staff look forward to your use.