2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)


Even if only anything packs bag to hand with used clothing, "1,000 yen that one bag passed!"
You can purchase to two bags per person.
As you will hold on the following date and time, come by all means.

[on the date]
Saturday, January 18, 2020 10:30-15:00
※On the day, during 9:30-10:30, we will distribute rearranging ticket in the neighborhood of Yen=g (engram) doorway.
※Products should be the end as soon as they disappear.

[holding place]
KOMEHYO Nagoya Head Office Yen=g (engram)

Congestion is expected and may limit entering a shop depending on the congestion situation on that day.

Proceeds of bagging event add up once in half a year,
The total amount contribution supports various groups of federation of Nagoya executive committee, victim support center Aichi, Nagoya sightseeing convention bureau, Nagoya-jo Castle main enclosure palace savings fund, Osu mall association of Japan UNICEF, the Japanese Red Cross Society, Seeing Eye Organization, ashinaga scholarship association, red feather community chest in Japan on environmental day.