2021.1.08 About change of business hours (January 13 update)

1000x370_ clothes _ purchase reinforcement _89 moon banner

In August, September, we usually buy down of the following brand in improving 20% from assessed value!
Please use KOMEHYO at this opportunity.

Saturday, August 1, 2020 - Wednesday, September 30, 2020
※If acceptance day is during campaign period, in the case of delivery to home purchase, we become a target.

[target store]
KOMEHYO purchase center with the clothes handling and delivery to home purchase

[product targeted for campaign]
It is only for down outer of the following brand.

※By our regulations, we may not buy

[point of more large amount of assessment]
・As purchase is possible as Item that time does not pass from the release highly, early carry-on is recommended.
・Large amount assessment is possible as good thing of condition.

Please feel free to contact to the staff if you have any questions.
We search store of neighborhood
Person near without store (page of delivery to home purchase opens)

All members look forward to the use of customer.