2020.7.25 About the handling of shortening and point coupons of business hours (July 25 update)


The central part Aria "Golden Week fair" event information is as follows
[period] Saturday, April 27, 2019 - Monday, May 6
[held store] All KOMEHYO sale stores, LINK SMILE, USED MARKET
※KOMEHYO online store is inapplicable

0% of shopping credit division interest rate fees for a limited time
From Saturday, April 27 to Monday, May 6 shopping credit "no interest rate to 36 times"
※The kimono section of Nagoya Head Office is inapplicable
※KOMEHYO bears interest rate fee

[100 sets of 200 people] By purchase, shopping, Takarazuka opera invitation campaigns
We present ticket of Takarazuka opera by purchases 10,000 yen or more or shopping by lot of period of from Saturday, April 27 to Friday, May 31. ※KOMEHYO online store is inapplicable
The campaign details from this

Nagoya Head Office

Jewelry (the first floor of the main building)
・New pierced earrings: All article 20% OFF
・Bargain item pierced earrings: It is 1,500 yen with 1,000 yen, two points with one point
・Target jewelry: Up to 20% of OFF
・Kihei: We offer bargain item with a limitation of amount

Clock, writing implements (the second floor of the main building)
・SEIKO, CITIZEN, new clock of CASIO: 1, 3, 5, 7, 100,000 yen equality
・We offer MONTBLANC, a lot of good bargain products of brand writing implements including Pelikan

Brand bag, accessory (the third floor of the main building others)
・New brand bag, accessory: Up to 30% of OFF
・Swarovski: 5,000 yen, 10,000 yen equality
・New bag of furubo: It is 20% OFF by the 2 or more purchase
※There is quality excluding partly

Men's fashion ladies' fashion (the main building 4th-6th floors)
・Up to 50% of OFF in spring for summer
・Men's clothes in the spring and summer: Uniform 500 yen, 1,000 yen (the fifth floor of the main building)

Kimono (kimono building)
・From yukata large quantities display 900 yen
・Golden Week long-sleeved kimono exhibition (50,000 yen, ten sets of limitation)
Three-piece set which the completion long-sleeved kimono, polyester long undergarment, double-woven obi can choose
・Mom shinoenkikaku: All accessory article 10% OFF for long-sleeved kimono
・Kimono sale by measure: Kimono is 1 gram of 1 yen
・Bridal fair: Formal kimono with a decorated skirt, visiting dress (uniform 50,000 yen)
・Two points of sets (10,000 yen) which can choose formal kimono with a decorated skirt, visiting dress, double-woven obi
・Obi cord: 100 yen University special price sale

Camera (the first floor of the camera, musical instrument building)
・By the purchase with lenses kit, camera bag, memory card 10% are OFF
・USED up to 30% OFF

Musical instrument (the second floor of the camera, musical instrument building)
・Under USED guitar for people of guide, base intensive display
・During student discount enforcement of KOMEHYO: It is all article 5% OFF by the presentation of student identification card
・USED EFFECTOR: All article 10% OFF (possible combination with student discount)

Meieki Shop

・New pierced earrings: All article 20% OFF
・Sale bargain item: Up to 20% of OFF

・HERMES: Ladies' watch (20 points of display) of bright skin belt
・We offer a lot of new arrival products of Meieki Shop select

Brand bag, accessory
・New brand bag: A lot of reduction in price products preparation
・New FENDI: Sunglasses (limited number of)

Men's fashion ladies' fashion
・Partly up to 50%OFF in spring for summer
・MEIEKI resort Collection


It is 10% OFF by purchase 10,000 or more in total
※WEB order is inapplicable
※Jewel, brand bag are inapplicable


It is 20% OFF by purchase more than three points of KOLOR bills