2020.5.26 About the handling of business resumption and point coupons (May 26 update)

KOMEHYO application

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"KOMEHYO" application is application to be available as members Pass for member's card handling store (reuse department store KOMEHYO, LINKSMILE, USEDMARKET) of Komehyo Co., Ltd.

It is Cardsless and can do shopping and can confirm the number of the points, shopping history, history which had you sell.

In addition, reading of the new arrival product, application for delivery to home kit, approval of assessment by delivery to home purchase are easily available, too.

  1. 1

    We check the new arrival every day!

    • You can see product received newly for each category every day.
    • Shopping, hope store can order the new arrival product by the same mail order.
  2. 2

    We get advantageous information!

    • We send member-limited advantageous coupon or campaign information.
    • We have notice of the latest news of hope store by notice of push.
  3. 3

    The member's card function deployment

    • It is available as substitute for KOMEHYO member's card.
    • We can confirm the number of the current possession points.
  4. 4

    Bar-code scan

    • Only for online store publication product, you can see product details information when we scan bar-code of product tag in KOMEHYO store.
    • Product which we liked can enroll in favorite.
  5. 5

    Store information

    • Area or store brand is different and can confirm store.

We download "KOMEHYO application"!

We obtain in App Store We obtain in Google Play