To design which is the highest with jewel of the highest grade.

To design which is the highest with jewel of the highest grade.

Jewel which continues being beautiful forever. The brightness does not have secular variation, but design and form of jewelry become old with the times. But charm of jewel is just Motta Inai.

Therefore we make use only of jewel of Ingot jewelry, and we remake design and form to the latest thing one by one carefully. It is "remake jewelry line" of KOMEHYO.

As for the jewel, as for the highest grade, the design, advanced, as for the price, normal nevertheless; is quite 1/3. It becomes self-praise, but thinks that it is dakarakosono idea and handwork for reuse ray 70 years. To draw potential of the beauty that jewel has to the maximum, and to brighten woman wearing shiningly.

Please check beauty and finish casually at store.

Of remake jewelry
Coco is value point

  • We can aim at size up of jewel.

    When it compares with the same amount of money, it features remake jewelry that there are many products using jewel which is bigger than new article and brand-name products for as much as it reuses jewel of USED. Of course even USED is stem-winder. Change does not have brightness in the highest grade, too.

  • Trendy design and classic stack pickles feel free to contact.

    As one one is very reasonable, you can enjoy jewelry which Courage Skills is a little casually to usually use. If the contents of jewelry box increase, width of coordinates strongly spreads, too.

  • Originally all jewels are the first class goods.

    Only as for the thing that jewel used for remake jewelry of KOMEHYO satisfied connoisseur of we pride. Neither origin nor brightness has a piece of blur, too. Please choose in peace.

Best recommended Item of remake jewelry planner

Remake jewelry planner
Ai Matsuoka

Since KOMEHYO entering a company, jewelry charge is straight

What can root, and can be idle by classic Item ju
It is right way of enjoying only by remake jewelry.

Popular etaniti and hafuetaniti basic with ring. Woman having thinks one whether there is many. However, when it is in impression that the volume is short in one as there are many slightly delicate designs.

It is stack pickles technique to be recommended there. Two three are to repeat by the same constant seller design, and appearance is gorgeous, too. Is it not way of enjoying only by remake jewelry which is reasonable, and is prepared?

Pierced earrings and necklace,
Stylish degree improves casually now if we coordinate in Baade existence of fashion.

We are apt to choose just classic Item simply because it is expensive jewelry. For example, when is necklace with one pierced earrings; like cross. But we can have an adventure by design of fashion generally if it is reasonable remake jewelry. Besides, it is not difficult to make design of necklace even with pierced earrings. Please choose casually as you buy properly if you can have toward KOMEHYO even if the fashion is over.

Necklace of pearl is quick change to pierced earrings that mind covered a little if we give glory to loss with small diagram, too.

It is pearl necklace of USED, but damaged pearl necklace has only two one drop at the time of purchase. I am sorry, but we cannot make selling for necklace. However, other pearls are stem-winder. Brightness is the best, too. Therefore we garnished hole which there was in pearl with small diamond and changed into pierced earrings. Though pearl pierced earrings of KOMEHYO are the first class goods, it is more reasonable than anywhere else. Diamond works for designing shiningly and is recommended gem.