When we buy used goods than corporation, we cope by following procedures, methods.

  1. At first please call to KOMEHYO purchase center (Osu).

     Purchase center Osu TEL 052-242-1522

  2. You have you print out this "corporation purchase application" (1.9MB), and please fax necessary matter after entry to KOMEHYO purchase center (Osu).

    (in the case of telephone of "procedure 1", we tell about FAX number.)

  3. After checking "corporation purchase application," we call some other time than the KOMEHYO purchase person in charge.

    We talk about purchase method.

    Purchase method includes "business trip purchase that the KOMEHYO person in charge visits" "delivery to home purchase to send article" to "direct purchase to have to purchase center".

    ※But we limit to chisel in Nagoya-shi about "business trip purchase that the KOMEHYO person in charge visits".

  4. We pay purchase amount of money to transfer account of designation if you can understand purchase amount of money.

    ※It becomes condition that account name is the same as application company name.

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  • We do person confirmation of person in charge. Please show identification of social position.
  • Point service in purchase center is not available.